The Various Types of Domestic Cleaning Services You Can Ask Your Cleaner To Do

Are you curious about the various types of domestic cleaning services you can ask your cleaner to do? This is only natural, as you’re paying good money to have a professional cleaning service come into your home, and you’d like to get the most bang for your buck. To do so, you’ll need to know what tasks you can give them to do and what items they’re likely to tell you aren’t included in their normal duties.

Many companies also offer customized cleaning options or tasks, where you simply pay more for a special request that isn’t included in the standard cleaning service (such as cleaning the garage). To help you see what types of tasks you can ask your cleaner to add to their standard list, let’s take a closer look at some various options.

In the Kitchen.

What’s Included.

You’re probably familiar with the regular items that your cleaning service will attend to in the kitchen. These include cleaning and disinfecting the sink and counters, wiping down the exterior of the range hood and stove, inside and outside of the microwave, the front of the refrigerator and dusting window sills, eye-level shelves and any countertop appliances. They’ll also wipe down these appliances (like your coffeemaker), sweep and mop the floors and empty the trash. If you have an eat-in kitchen, they will wipe down the table and chairs as well.

What You Can Often Request.

Yet, you may have some other jobs in mind and be wondering if you can request them. The following items are usually available, but you will often have to pay extra for them. These include cleaning all of the dirty dishes in your sink, drying and putting them away or unloading the dishwasher. Or, you can ask them to clean inside your oven, to really get rid of the accumulated grime in this workhorse appliance. Another option is to ask for the interior of your fridge to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, which is something that you might want from time to time.

Cleaned On a Rotating Schedule.

Sometimes requesting additional tasks isn’t needed, as some cleaning services automatically offer various deep-cleaning items on a rotating basis – all included in their normal cleaning package. So, while they won’t clean less frequently used areas every time that they visit, they will attend to these areas on a set schedule. This can include tasks like dusting nooks or shelves where you have decorative items displayed, wiping down the doors of the top cabinets in your kitchen or cleaning up under the range hood.

In the Bathroom.

What’s Included.

If you’ve ever had a maid service clean your home, you are familiar with the items that most companies will clean in your bathrooms. These include cleaning the tub or shower and the tile surround, along with disinfecting the shower curtain or glass door. The cleaning crew will tackle your toilet, scrubbing inside the bowl and the exterior too. They’ll wipe down the mirror, counter, sink and the faucets and pick up any dirty towels on the floor. Finally, they’ll sweep and mop the floor and take out the trash.

What You Can Often Request.

While these items will ensure that your bathroom is generally clean, you may want more detailed attention given to certain areas every so often. You can ask your cleaner to use a toothbrush to scrub the hard water stains off of your faucets in both the sink and the shower. You can also request that they scour the grout in your shower, to get it back to sparkling clean condition once again. They can even clean collectibles like porcelain figurines or any other decorative items in your bathroom by hand, to get any accumulated dust or hard water spots off of the surface. You may want them to hand wipe the baseboards or thoroughly wipe down the entire front and back of the door, as it can accumulate fingerprints and other smudges over time.

Again, some cleaning companies will clean some or all of these items every so many visits without you having to ask – making them a more attractive option than other competitors in your area. When looking for a new service or evaluating your current one, be sure to ask if this type of scheduled deep-cleaning is available and included in the price of their standard cleaning package.


Other Special Cleaning Requests.

You may want to know if some more out-of-the-ordinary items are available, and these can vary from company to company. Some cleaning services will be happy to accommodate virtually any special request that you have, while others will be more limited in what they can offer. That having been said, you may want to know if your request is outlandish or in the realm of possibility. So, to that end, here are some other special cleaning requests that many companies will have no problem providing.

Whole Home Window Cleaning.

Many cleaning companies don’t include any window cleaning with their routine service – so you’ll have to ask for it extra. As they are already at your home with a whole slew of cleaning supplies, taking care of at least the interior of your windows is usually not a problem. Some exceptions to this are if you have huge windows (such as a 2 story great room that has a full wall of floor-to-ceiling windows) or if you also want the exteriors cleaned. If you have double-hung windows that are designed so the exterior can be cleaned from inside your home, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Cleaning For a Special Event.

If you have a party, social function like book club or are hosting a holiday meal for family, you may want your home to be cleaned the day before or even that morning. Departing from your regular schedule for this type of cleaning is seen often by cleaning companies, and they’ll be pleased to add another visit to your schedule.

Cleaning Up After the Kids.

Kids are tough on a home, whether it be just failing to put their toys away to drawing on the walls. If you have a rambunctious child that has taken to adding artwork to your walls, you can ask your cleaners to scrub these markings off. You can also request that they pick up and put away all of your child’s toys, which can be a tripping hazard if they’re constantly underfoot.

Moving In or Out Cleaning.

Moving is a hassle for many reasons, and the last thing you want to do is deep-clean your home on top of everything else. Yet, if you rent your apartment or home, then leaving it in clean condition is essential if you want to recoup your security deposit. Even if you don’t have to worry about this, if you’ve sold your home it’s poor taste to leave it in dirty condition for the new owner.

Fortunately, most cleaning companies offer move in or out cleaning, where they will work through your house after the furniture has been packed up and make it presentable. Or, they can thoroughly clean your new home or apartment before you move in, which is nice if you don’t like the idea of moving into an environment that still has leftover grime from a previous occupant.

These are just some examples of the various types of domestic cleaning services you can ask your cleaner to do. What you need may vary depending upon your specific situation, but don’t be afraid to ask – as many times your cleaning crew will be happy to oblige. Even if you have to pay an additional fee, having a clean home that you’re comfortable in is probably worth every penny.