How does your cleaning service differ from others in the area?

When it comes to offering a cleaning service to residential customers, we have taken a number of steps to ensure we offer the best service in the area. Not only do we take greater care in hiring and vetting our employees than other businesses, but we also train them to make sure they are not going to let their standards slip on any job.

Another reason our cleaning service is superior is because of the level of service we offer. Everything from dusting to vacuuming to washing dishes to cleaning the carpets is covered when you request a cleaning service for your home. Our staff members will also take out your garbage, wash your clothes and clean your bathrooms. Think of it as an all-inclusive home service package, which you can get every week, bi-weekly or one time a month.


Do you have trustworthy employees? Should I be worried about anything being stolen from my house?
Everyone who works for our company has gone through a detailed background check, while they have also made it through our company’s training program. We would never take a chance by hiring someone who is unreliable or dangerous, because we want our customers to feel safe when our employees come to their home to clean. And in the many years we have been active, there are a total of 0 complaints about our employees.


Can I book a cleaning service on the same day?

While we encourage our customers to book in advance, we do have crews on standby who are ready to service our last-minute appointments. Simply call our offices and tell us the time that would work best for you, and we will do everything to get a crew over to your home at the suggested time.