10 Reasons Why Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service Is Your Best Option

Are you wondering if hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is worth the expense? Perhaps you’re thinking about tackling the job of cleaning the carpets in your home or business on your own to save money. While this may sound good in theory, there are 10 compelling reasons why you should choose to have your carpet cleaned by cleaning services instead. To help you see why a dedicated team of experienced professionals using commercial-grade equipment is the superior option, let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons in a little more detail below.

Reason #1: Commercial-Grade Equipment.

As just mentioned, a professional cleaning service will use commercial-grade equipment, to give your rugs and carpets the deep refreshing that you’re really looking for. In contrast, scrubbing your carpets by hand with a brush and some type of carpet shampoo is a pale alternative – which will likely leave you both exhausted and disappointed.

Or, you might be considering renting a carpet cleaning machine, in order to do the job yourself. This too has some drawbacks, foremost being that these machines still aren’t as powerful as the units which a commercial company employs. This is due to their design and also from the heavy use and abuse they’re subjected to by other rental customers – which may leave the machine in less than pristine condition. In contrast, professional cleaning services often use truck mounted carpet cleaners, which boast huge amounts of power for unrivaled deep cleaning action.

Reason #2: It’s a Time-Saver.

DIY projects take time – a LOT of time – out of your busy and demanding schedule. Finding the spare hours to clean all of the carpets in your home or office may be a challenge at best and unrealistic at worst. You’ll likely find that this not-so-pleasant task gets put off again and again, as you simply have more rewarding things to do with your time than scrub carpets. Fortunately, by hiring a qualified carpet cleaning service to complete the job, you can quickly and easily check this bothersome job of your to-do list.

Reason #3: It’s an Excellent Value.

You may automatically assume that hiring a carpet cleaning service is pricey, but it can actually be an excellent value. When you consider that deep cleaning at regular intervals can keep your carpets looking new for far longer and even reduce the amount of damage they sustain, professional cleaning can be a wise investment.

Reason #4: Stain Treatment Expertise.

While you no doubt do your best to clean up any stains that occur on your carpet, you’re not a professional. Cleaning services have tricks of the trade when it comes to getting rid of stubborn stains, which can often produce amazing results. They know what cleaning products work best for different stains, so even areas you’ve given up as a lost cause may not be too far gone for them to resurrect. Though they can’t guarantee that every stain will be removed, they have the knowledge, equipment and products to give you the very best results possible.

Reason #5: No Excess Water on Your Carpets.

Sitting water or damp surfaces tend to breed mold, even in a very short amount of time. You’re likely familiar with this fact, as mold can crop up in your shower or tub seemingly overnight if it is too wet in your bathroom. A fabric surface like your carpet is even more susceptible to mold growth, if it is left wet or even damp for too long. Unfortunately, DIY rental carpet cleaning units put down large amounts of water but they may not remove it as effectively as they should. In stark contrast, the cleaning equipment used by professionals delivers extremely powerful suction to get your carpet much drier – and keep it safer from mold.

Reason #6: Superior Sanitation.

Allergens and indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and pet dander can all be hiding deep down in your carpet. While rental carpet cleaning units often use heated water to clean your carpets, they can’t sanitize as effectively as commercial grade equipment. If you want your home to be as clean as possible (including the air that your family breathes), a cleaning service is the right choice.

Reason #7: Knowledge About Different Carpets.

Not all carpet is created equal, and there are many different fabrics, knits, textures and types available. Knowing what type of soap, stain treatment products and even equipment to use on your particular carpet is a job best left to the professionals. After all, your carpet represents a significant amount of money; if you damage your carpet while trying to saving a few dollars using a rented machine, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to replace your carpet instead.

Reason #8: Add Carpet Protector.

Some new carpets have protector infused into them at the factory, to help keep liquids or dirt from absorbing into the fibers (1). This can keep your carpet looking new for longer, especially if you have a busy household that is hard on flooring (say if you have kids or pets), While this is a wonderful feature, over time carpet protector wears off. Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaning service can reapply protector after they’re finished steaming your flooring – to ensure that your carpets continue to look fresh and unstained for a long time to come.

Reason #9: Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors.

While you undoubtedly love your family pets, they can be hard on carpeting. Not only can they stain the rug before they’re trained to use the bathroom outdoors or due to accidents, they shed hair, fur and dander as well. Yet, pets can also add an unpleasant odor to your carpets, which may greet you every time you walk in the door. Getting rid of this smell takes some serious deep cleaning; a rental unit may help, but commercial cleaning is really the golden standard to ensure that this problem is fully eliminated. This will allow you, your family and any guests who visit your home to breathe easy, with fresh, clean smelling air all around.

Reason #10: Minimal Disruption & Downtime.

Cleaning your carpets all on your own takes time, and it could easily take you all weekend if you have a large home. DIY machines may also leave your carpets much wetter, so it takes significantly longer for them to fully dry. While we’ve already covered both of these points, you may not have considered what else these factors mean. How so?

If you have a full household of adults, kids and pets constantly on the go day and night, having large sections of your living area inaccessible for long periods can be quite a burden. After all, if your kids have to vacate their bedrooms, the living room, the basement and so on, you’ll likely have an upset family to contend with. Professional cleaning services are fast, efficient and can wick away most of the moisture from cleaning – to get your family back to their normal routine much more quickly.


With these 10 reasons why you should choose to have your carpet cleaned by cleaning services, you now know why professionals are the best option. They’ll leave your carpet looking bright and refreshed, expertly treat any stubborn stains and use their powerful machines to clean better and dry more effectively than you ever could with a rented unit. Their process will also sanitize your carpets far better, likely remove more allergens for improved air quality in your home, help to eliminate unpleasant odors, apply carpet protector to create a long lasting stain barrier and minimize any disruption of your family’s routine. Clearly, a professional cleaning service delivers many attractive benefits – making them the right choice for all of your carpet cleaning needs.